复仇者:无限战争海报。 奇迹和沃尔特迪斯尼工作室。

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Ten years, 18 movies, and it all comes down to this. “复仇者: 无限战争” is finally here. Well, it’s actually been here for two weeks, but I didn’t want to spoil everybody. With that said, if you haven’t seen this cinematic masterpiece yet, STOP READING.

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  • 在寂静的奇迹的标志是一个伟大的基调制定者
  • 托尔+功率石=哎哟
  • 随着一条线,洛基有风水轮流转,因为“复仇者”。
  • 海姆达尔差
  • 洛基,阿斯加德,或d I N S或N的王子。
  • Loki is supposed to the god of MISCHIEF, and you want me to believe his plan is just to stab Thanos?
  • I know he’s technically a god but how does Thor survive the ship blowing up?
  • Banner usually has no memories of his time as Hulk. How does he remember Thanos?
  • For these opening scenes, and most of the movie, Banner is very visibly shaken. The general theory is that due to his Hulk memory issues, the events of Ultron, Ragnarok, and 无限战争 all take place in about a week for him. Poor Banner.
  • Tony promises no more surprises right at Dr. Strange comes up 🙂
  • 我喜欢托尼的在翻盖手机的小笑柄。
  • The spidey sense is really cool. As is Peter repeatedly hitting Ned in the face to get his attention.
  • Stan Lee’s cameos, while now predictable, are always delightful.
  • Peter should have been the one to call Thanos’ goon “Squidward.” That is some A+ Millenial/Gen Z humor, and it was wasted on a man in his 50’s.
  • 我真的希望解释的废船的问题比较好。
  • 出血。边缘。盔甲。 A +
  • The Cloak of Levitation is a better friend than I’ve ever had.
  • I R O 4 N性s P R I D E。
  • The cracks in Pepper’s voice make that the third most emotional scene.
  • If you are going to whitewash one of your few ethnic characters, at least have them maintain the accent.
  • My stomach literally dropped the first time vision is stabbed.
  • I got goosebumps because of the 复仇者 theme music with Steve’s entrance. God, I love a good score.
  • I do not appreciate Clint and Scott being thrown away with one line. This is the biggest movie of the MCU, and you’re not going to include one of the original 复仇者? That’s just cold.
  • The movie flows very well between Earth, space, and flashback
  • I love the Guardian’s music. I still want to know how Quill keeps his tape deck and walkman functioning though.
  • The foreshadowing of Gamora and the soul stone is WAY too obvious.
  • 德拉克斯是一个可爱的白痴的缩影。
  • The first time I saw the reality stone scene I thought Drax and Mantis were dead.
  • 说到好成绩的,我爱黑豹主题。
  • 汤姆·霍兰是上帝的礼物给MCU。
  • Strange asks Tony if he can get them home. Stange has a Sling Ring. Strange can get them back.
  • Watching Thor laugh-cry through his history gives me all the feels.
  • One of the best details in this film is Okoye’s side-eye at Banner fumbling around in the hulkbuster.
  • 彼得·奎尔是整个宇宙最自私的白痴。
  • The choreography and cinematography of the Wakanda battle are beautiful.
  • 我需要更多的全女子超级英雄的战斗。
  • Bruce Banner character development: In “复仇者,” Banner was so anxious, he couldn’t even say “Hulk”. Six years later, he calls the hulk an a–hole. A+ character development.
  • It’s so convenient that all these planets have breathable atmospheres.
  • I want to be mad at Strange for giving up the time stone, but he’s seen the only future where they win, so it makes sense.
  • I hate the Russo brothers for making me watch Vision die twice in three minutes.
  • Way back at the skirmish in New York, one of Thanos’ goons gets his hand chopped off 通过 a Dr. Strange portal. That’s what they should’ve done to Thanos.
  • Tom Holland completely improvised his death scene. Give the man an Oscar.
  • The emotional weight of the ending is removed when you remember they’ve already confirmed sequels for Guardians of the Galaxy, Spiderman: Homecoming, and Black Panther.
  • This was film six of Chris Evans’ six-film contract. I do not understand how he made it out alive.
  • In a film with over 40 named characters, no one felt forgotten about. Well, except the two that were literally forgotten about.
  • I appreciated the instant meme-ification of one of the film’s biggest moments, despite the strong anti-spoiler campaign.


  • 雷神:“你说得太多了。”
  • 洛基:“我们有一个废船。”
  • Strange: “Are you seriously leaning on The Cauldron of the Cosmos?”
  • 斯塔克:“迷路了,章鱼哥!”
  • Stark: “Dude, you’re embarrassing me in front of the wizards.”
  • 彼得说:“我应该留在公共汽车上。”
  • Quill: “This might be dangerous so let’s put on our mean faces.”
  • Thor: “Your father killed my brother… Families can be tough.”
  • 奎尔:“我要去吹下巴那nutsack你的脸!”
  • SAM:“这是尴尬的。”
  • 斯塔克:“你是一个忠实的一件外衣的重视。”
  • Peter: “You can’t be a friendly, neighborhood, Spiderman if there’s no neighborhood.”
  • 雷神:“谢谢你,甜蜜的兔子。”
  • Stark: “I do not want another single pop-culture reference out of you the rest of the trip.”
  • Stark: “What exactly do they do?” Mantis: “Kick Names, Take a–.”
  • Gamora:“这是不是爱情。”
  • Okoye: “When you said you were going to open Wakanda to the rest of the world, this is not what I imagined.”
  • Banner: “Oh, screw you, you big green a–hole! I’ll do it myself!”
  • Peter: “I got you. I got you. Sorry, I can’t remember anybody’s names.
  • 斯塔克:“如果你朝我扔另一个月亮,我失去了它。”
  • 萨诺斯:“所有的一滴血。”
  • 雷神:“我告诉你。你死在这个“。
  • 彼得:“先生。斯塔克,我感觉不那么好。“
  • 史蒂夫:“哦,上帝。”
  • 怒:motherf ...